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Toba Lake

Hi world!
This time we meet again quite soon, eh? haha.. Yup, thx to my mood for editing these old photos, I can get the spirit to update this blog again. This time I wont tell you about Japan. I will tell you about Toba Lake in Sumatra island. For you guys who don't know or never been there. I'll explain a bit about it to you.
Toba Lake is the biggest lake in Indonesia (cmiiw). It is located in northern part of Sumatra island. You can see the location of the lake in the map below.

As you can see in the map below, the uniqueness of this lake is there is an island in the center of the lake. The island's name is Samosir island. The lake is located in the central of North Sumatra province, besides the city of Parapat. It takes about 4-5 hours to get to Parapat city from Medan (the capital of North Sumatra province) by car.
Pictures below are pictures of Parapat city, Toba Lake, and Samosir Island. Since these pics are very old ones and I took them from my cell's camera, so the quality may not be that good. But, anyway, just enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake! ;D

These are the pictures of Parapat city.

These are the pics of the lake.

There is one hill on the side of the lake that is called "batu gantung" (hanging stone in English). If you can see in the pic above (may be not. Sorry), there is a stone that is hanged naturally. The locals have their own story about this stone. If I'm not mistaken, the story is about a woman who was betrayed by her boyfriend, and decided to kill herself by jump into the lake from the hill. Suddenly, she turned into stone.

Anyway, these are the pics of Samosir Island.

In the island, there is a very old, famous wooden puppet that is called Sigale-gale. This puppet, controlled by human, can dance the tranditional dance of Batak tribe (the tribe that originally from North Sumatra), Tor-tor dance.

See, you can even dance with the puppet with traditional music of Batak tribe called "Gondang".

That's all for this time. If you have chance, just visit Toba Lake and enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake and Samosir Island yourself. ;D

See ya.

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