Senin, 17 September 2012

Ohanami, Spring 2012

Hanami (花見), in English literally means "to see flowers".
It is a Japanese custom to see and enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers (mostly sakura) during spring time. Normally done during mid March until mid April, when sakura flowers bloom all over Japan.
In Hanami, Japanese do some kind of outdoor party; they go to koen (公園 ; park) or other public places where there are sakura trees, bringing their mat, food and drinks, just like picnic.

Last spring I had this Hanami with my colleagues in Tsutsuji Park Iwata City near our dormitory. Pictures below! :D

Minggu, 16 September 2012


Means "long time no see"!

Yes, its been a year since my last post on this blog.
Many things happened in this one year. I got a job at one big automotive manufacturer company in Japan, graduated from Hiroshima University and got my master degree, going back home to Indonesia and back here again to Japan.

I now live in Iwata city, Shizuoka Prefecture. A small city, but its enough. There is post office, Konbinis, supermarket and hospital very close from the company dormitory where I live in, and there is a quite big shopping mall with cinema easily accessed. Pretty convenience actually. And if I want to go to big city, Hamamatsu is less than 15 minutes away by train.

Here are some pictures of Iwata city near my dormitory.

Now I still do the training program, being machine operator. Yes, machine operator. They pay more than 200,000 yen a month for an operator. No wonder their production cost is very high. Ha!

I was just joking.
Its common for a Japanese company to ask its new employees to feel what its like to be at the very bottom. So, when they got into managerial position, they can make wise decisions for the company, considering every segment of the company, not just the people who work behind their desk.

Work starts from 8 to 5 mostly. After work I take a bath, have dinner, watch movies, and call my gf. Far less friends (not colleagues) here, compared to Hiroshima.

So glad to update this blog again.
More stories will follow, for sure.

By the way, I just added the twitter update widget to this blog. I you feel like following me, just give a click on the blue bird logo under the update (not the "+ blogger" logo).
See you then.