Kamis, 17 Juni 2010


Hell-ow again world.
This time I would like to tell you about KONBINI in Japan. Konbini is a convenience store in Japanese pronounciation. And, yeah, you can see one of these konbini every 100 meter. There are loads of the brands of konbini in Japan, but I think the ones in the pictures below are the most popular here.

First, Family Mart.

You know this one. Yes, true. Seven Eleven.


Popura (it literally means "popular" in English).

And, you also know this one. Yup, this is Circle K.

Picture above is the area where I live in Saijo, and you can see the symbols of Family Mart and 2 of 7 Eleven stores there.

These konbinis will help you so much during your life in Japan. Even though Japan is an advance country, but you will rarely see shops that open until midnight, especially in small town like Saijo. The shopping center and restaurants usually closes at 9 P.M and the department store near Hiroshima University campus only open until 11 PM. So this konbini really helps a lot when we need something in the middle of the night, or in the very early morning.

Because these konbinis literally mean "convinient stores", they are really convinient. Different from convinient store like Circle K in Indonesia (sorry, I dont know the condition in other countries :D), you can get many additional services here. First, they got ATM service. This helps you when you really need money and no bank open. Especially with this "unique" ATM service provided by banks in Japan. The services are only available mainly from 9 AM to 6 PM. Yup, no 24 H ATM service beside in konbinis in a country as powerful as Japan.

But, please think twice when you plan to withdraw your money in konbini, because they will charge you around 200 Yen (2 dollars) for each time you withdraw your money. So, if its not for emergency state, I dont recommend you to withdraw your money by Konbini.

Second, you can pay (almost) any bill here. Gas, electricity, water, even health insurance bill you can pay here. convenient isnt it? You do not have to go to the office of those provider, just go and pay in nearest konbini from your place.

Third, they got you unique snack, like Japanese "Oden" and liquor and many alcohol drink, like wine, beer or anything.

Fourth, they got porn magazines and books sold freely here. Yes, freely. You just have to be older than 20 years old to be permitted to read and buy this stuffs. I think Japan is the only country in Asia that allows porn magazines and books sold freely. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Owkaaayyy... That's all for today.

I am sorry that I didnt have time to take picture of these konbinis, so I took them from other source in the net.

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Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

Patriotic Song

Hell-o world.
Just visit someone's Facebook profile, and I got this beautiful song. This song has been one of my favorite since I was a kid. Its title is "Tanah Airku Tidak Kulupakan".
And, yes, this is a patriotic song. For you who's not Indonesian, I'll do some favor to you and explain about this song. This song tells us that wherever in this world we go, even to the most beautiful countries in the world, we will never forget our homeland, Indonesia.
And, since now I am living in Japan, the song got its point even more. I feel even in Japan life is much more comfortable, but for me, still I heart Indonesia the most. Its people, its traffic, its nature, everything.

You feel the same for your own homeland, don't you? :D

Here's the song:

This is the lyric:

Tanah airku tidak kulupakan
Kan terkenang selama hidupku
Biarpun saya pergi jauh
Tidak kan hilang dari kalbu
Tanahku yang kucintai
Engkau kuhargai

Walaupun banyak negri kujalani
Yang masyur permai dikata orang
Tetapi kampung dan rumahku
Di sanalah kurasa senang
Tanahku tak kulupakan
Engkau kubanggakan

Composer: "Ibu" Soed