Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

Patriotic Song

Hell-o world.
Just visit someone's Facebook profile, and I got this beautiful song. This song has been one of my favorite since I was a kid. Its title is "Tanah Airku Tidak Kulupakan".
And, yes, this is a patriotic song. For you who's not Indonesian, I'll do some favor to you and explain about this song. This song tells us that wherever in this world we go, even to the most beautiful countries in the world, we will never forget our homeland, Indonesia.
And, since now I am living in Japan, the song got its point even more. I feel even in Japan life is much more comfortable, but for me, still I heart Indonesia the most. Its people, its traffic, its nature, everything.

You feel the same for your own homeland, don't you? :D

Here's the song:

This is the lyric:

Tanah airku tidak kulupakan
Kan terkenang selama hidupku
Biarpun saya pergi jauh
Tidak kan hilang dari kalbu
Tanahku yang kucintai
Engkau kuhargai

Walaupun banyak negri kujalani
Yang masyur permai dikata orang
Tetapi kampung dan rumahku
Di sanalah kurasa senang
Tanahku tak kulupakan
Engkau kubanggakan

Composer: "Ibu" Soed

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