Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010


Hello world!
Recently, I am addicted to photo editing. Never thought that it is this fun though!
These are some of my works. Sorry if they are still no good, still an amateur here. :)

Picture above was taken in October 2009 in Sake Matsuri (celebration for sake, Japanese alcohol drink) in Saijo, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.

Two pictures above were taken around April 2010 when Sakura trees start blossoming in Hiroshima University. Kirei, desyou? :D

I took that Osaka Castle picture during my trip to Osaka

That Koinobori flags flown to celebrate "the day of boys" in Japan (May 5th). I took it when I was going to Sera Highland Farm.

Yup, I have posted that picture. That is a tile somewhere in Yokohama. Actually, every area in Japan has its unique of this thing.

Thats it!
See ya in next post! :)

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  1. keeereeen fotonya! pake software opo?

  2. Aaaahh.. ngga ko ras! cuman pake corel doang ras. Hehe.. Jadi malu.. :>