Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Tottori (鳥取 )

Hello world..
This Semester is just like hell!!! So many assignments, papers and presentation to do. And this week, for the first time since I arrived in Japan, my sinusitis relapse again. Nice timing, don't you think? Also, you have to know that medicine in Japan is weak but expensive. So, even I've been taking medicine for about a week, I still have this damn sinusitis.

Ok, stop complaining. This time I want to tell you about my trip to Tottori. Tottori is located between Okayama and Kyoto. It took about 4 hours to get to Tottori from Higashi Hiroshima by bus. I went there on June 19, but thanks to this busy semester and this laziness of mine, I can only post it now.

Tottori is not the biggest cities in Japan. Even though Tottori city is the capital of Tottori prefecture, but it is definitely much smaller than Hiroshima city. Here are some pictures of my trip:

Yes, another Shrine in Japan. This shrine actually sells some kind of charm that could bring you wealth. (it is what the staff told us).

Then I went to some kind of lake (sorry, I dont know the name of the lake) where there are many unique, big corals. They are pretty, though.

Then, look at the food I ate in the restaurant there! The food was superb! That meal set had some kind of sashimi (fish, oyster, and shrimp) that you can grill, crab rice, and soup. You can even take more shrimp as much as you can! It was all-you-can-eat-type. Wooooww.. I cant resist the temptation of uploading this picture. Hahahaha..

Here we go to the best part of my trip ;D ...
The best part of Tottori is its mini desert. Yes, desert in Japan. Amazing, no? But, I think the desert is artificial one, since there are many artificial things here. Haha. At least it is beautiful.

And, next to the desert, there is a sand museum. Sand museum? Yes, every statue or sculpture here is made by sand. Because when I went there was the time of World Cup 2010 in South Africa, so the theme of this museum was 'Africa'.

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As you can see, the theme was Africa. Haha. Great, no?

Ok, that's the report of my Tottori trip. See you in my next post.

And, please wish me luck on my next math exam. T_T

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