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Tokyo Disney Sea

It has been ages since my last post. Hehe.
In this post, I will tell you about the one and only, Tokyo Disney Sea! Yeay!
In December 2010, I had to attend job hunting seminar in Tokyo. I am now looking for job in Japan, and if you want to do job hunting in Japan, going to job hunting seminar is a must-do thing. It actually sucks because you cannot apply in the seminar, just hear presentations from companies, but you have to attend that seminar, because that is the part of job hunting system in Japan. By attending many companies' seminar, you show your interest to them, and it will be very helpful for you in the selection proses. Enough about job hunting system, anyway, the next day I decided to go to Tokyo Disney Sea.

Tokyo Disney Sea is located in Tokyo Disney Resort, not exactly in Tokyo but in Chiba, a city next to Tokyo (On the map above, Tokyo Disney Sea is marked with letter B, and Tokyo station with letter A). Inside Tokyo Disney Resort, there are two theme parks, Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. I chose Tokyo Disney Sea because my friends told me that Disney Land suits kids and early teenagers more but Tokyo Disney Sea suits adults more. According to http://bit.ly/g32PhW site , Tokyo Disney Sea is the best theme park in the world. Well, I don't know many theme parks, but after going there, Tokyo Disney Sea is definitely far better than Universal Studio Japan in Osaka.

As shown in the picture above, Tokyo Disney Sea is divided into some areas. One area is like Broadway in America, one area is like Venice in Italy, one area is like Arabian Kingdom in the movie of Aladdin, one area is like jungle and ruins in Indiana Jones movie, and one area is like the kingdom of mermaid in the Little Mermaid movie.
When I went there, my only and vital mistake was I went on the weekend!!! The lines were unbelievable. If you want to go to a famous ride, you have to wait in line for about 2 hours (if you're lucky) until 3 hours. Even buying hot dog or buns in a snack stall needs 1 hour of waiting. So at that time, I spent the whole day in the park but only got 3 rides. But it was worth it! Pictures below are some of pictures that I took there.

Huuuuugee christmas tree!

Christmas holiday! Yeay!

Artificial volcano, named mount Prometheus

Wow! The artificial volcano can produce real smoke and sound just like a real volcano!

(I wish I were in) Venice!

Look at the building! So artistic!

The marine

Venice in Japan

Mermaid Kingdom area

Gate to Agrabah Kingdom (Kingdom in Aladding movie)

It was so crowded in Agrabah

Still Agrabah. The shape of that building is just like a mosque!

You need to wait for a loooooooong time to buy food

Journey of the center of the earth, one of famous rides in this theme park. I need to wait more than two hours for this ride only.

Sorry, I forgot what area this was

Beware of the pirates!

I do not need to go to America for Broadway! Haha.

Christmas decoration

Still in Broadway area

Beer truck

I was not in Tokyo, not in Chiba, but New York!

People wait for the parade

The parade. Sorry it was too crowded so I could not get a better shot

McDuck's Department Store

Christmas spirit!

Another christmas tree inside the park

Going back to the hotel. Look at the shape of the train's window! Mickey!

That's all about Tokyo Disney Sea. You have to visit this theme park if you have time to visit Japan because unlike Disneyland, there is only one Disney Sea theme park in the world! If you have chance to go there, my suggestions: plan your day and make sure you know the rides you will go because it will save a lot of time, buy bread or onigiri (Japanese rice balls) before going to the park, and most importantly, do not go on the weekend!
See y'all!

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  1. Masya Allah, Tokyo Disney Sea... *pingsan*


    Huhuhu, daku iriiiii. Keren banget! XD

  2. Iyaa.. bagus yaaa..
    Ntar kalo ke tokyo lagi pengen ke sana lagi
    tapi pengen nyobain Disneylandnya juga
    sama pengen ke Ghibli museum juga

    *banyakmaunya. hehe.

  3. Hai kak, kok fb'y ga bisa d add ya?
    Boleh kenal kk kan, lgi kuliah d Hiroshima? Keren banget ><
    sya pengen tau lbih bnyak tentang jepang dong kak. boleh share sma sya kaan kak? Yayayayayayayayya X3

  4. @Erika Putry: Halo Erika! Iya nih, FB nya udah ga di connect ke blog. Hehe. By twitter aja ya. Udah lulus kuliahnya september kemaren. Boleh aja, mau tanya apanya tentang Jepang? nanti saya share. :D