Senin, 08 Februari 2010

This is Sri Mulyani Speaking..

Got this from Readers Digest Indonesia mailing list..

If people ask you, "what is the problem of your country?", you shall not give them the answer, "ruwet" or "its complicated" , "difficult".

But please, define what 'ruwet' is...
Please determine what 'complicated' is...
Please elaborate more what 'difficult'is. ...

Because the word 'ruwet' means you can't even find the exact word to describe your country's problem, which turns out you hardly even recognize what happen to your country.

So, i suggested, let's sit together, mapping the problem, extract what 'ruwet' consist of, and find the solution!

Yang membedakan kualitas negara satu dengan yang lain isn't about the problem the face because most of the
countries of the world are having the same pattern of problem, dari masalah korupsi, natural disaster hingga poverty, but the world should have seen how we set up mechanism to solve the problem.

Just as a simple as that, you have the role to put
Indonesia in strategic position in political map of the world.

You shall not feel like a winner if you're standing around the losers, but when you behave by being rational and logic with your condition among the excellents.

Indonesia, as the matter of fact, is de facto leader in Asia, and we have to support it.

If you realize youre not capable to be a great leader then youve gotta be a good citizen. Support your country, set up your own rule and make a decison.

What ive seen so far, all the leaders' campaign has always been based on financial spending. We, as the ones who understand monetery condition of this country sometimes wondering, "could that possibly happen?"

So, here i enlighten you...


Why am i becoming the Best Finance Minister in Asia? I think, what im doing is just explaining the problem.

and yes, this is Sri Mulyani's speaking...

-Sri Mulyani-
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